Key benefits of Schottler Consulting

Schottler Consulting addresses the need for a full-service
consulting team with expertise in high-end social, business or
organisational research AND expert strategy.

While many companies operate in the general research and strategy
consulting market (eg. basic surveys), there are very few companies
available to work on consultancy projects where:

There is significant complexity or ambiguity
in the project or project context

Methodologies for approaching the project are
unclear or unknown

The project outcome is clear, but "how to
get there" is unclear

Underpinning research and analytics required to
achieve insight are extremely complex or require
high-end statistical or analytical expertise

Research insights alone are insufficient, but linking
insights to strategy and/or policy implications is critical

In this context, there are many companies who can either work in the
"technical statistics" OR the "strategy" end of the market,
yet very few companies that have the knowledge and expertise to do both.

There are also few companies which understand the application of
measurement science to organisational diagnostics and analytics.
Schottler Consulting uses world-class measurement expertise and
analytics to ensure that your next research and strategy consultancy
delivers a world-class outcome.

In essence, we view our core strength and key positioning in
the market as delivering:


The Schottler Difference

All measurement and methodological approaches are scientifically-based and practically-oriented to ensure a practical, business-relevant outcome.

We do this by:

1. Adopting scientifically valid approaches to measurement and organisational diagnostics (rather
than making "shopping lists" of survey and data collection methodologies, as is common practice)

2. Underpinning all research and analytics with a theoretical basis (eg. ensuring that research design,
analytics and organisational diagnostics are informed by literature reviews and theoretical models)

3. Using a "Scientist-Practitioner" model to ensure that research is not just conducted as a "technical exercise" , but delivers critical management information and practical organisational and policy outcomes.

We are more than happy to discuss with you your project and desired outcomes.

Our team of experts work
nationally on projects.

Please contact our team to request a proposal for your next project.