Key Services of Schottler Consulting


1. Health, Behavioural Change and Harm Minimisation

Our team offers the most innovative advanced behavioural, social, health and harm minimisation research and analytics in Australia and possibly also the world. We have a particular specialty in high-end (more complex) research and analytics for strategy and policy development in health and harm minimisation fields. This includes expertise in fields such as health, health promotion, injury/disease, problem gambling, behavioural and attitudinal measurement, mental health, community well-being and related consultancy fields. We also offer expertise in reviewing and designing health services and systems to improve population health and well-being.


2. Schottler Policy and Regulation

Our team has extensive experience in consulting to Governments in regulatory, legislative and policy fields. Through the use of evidence-based research and analytics, we offer particular expertise in regulatory and policy models for social, community, market/industry and economic development. This includes expertise in regulatory impact analysis, research into regulatory burdens, strategies to reduce regulatory burdens and design of licensing and regulatory models. In addition, we have developed methodologies for understanding regulatory processes and their impacts and benefits.


3. Schottler Corporate Strategies and Diagnostics

Our team offers the most rigorous and comprehensive organisational analytics, diagnostics and review services available. Our key difference involves the use of evidence-based approaches to corporate analysis with a particular focus on development of reliable and robust measures and analytical statistical methodologies. The applied measurement expertise of our team provides a foundation for the full range of more complex or challenging corporate diagnostic projects. This may include organisational change analytics for managing change, advanced business or process analysis, measurement and segmentation of staff/customers/markets, human factor investigations, system usability testing, cognitive product or system design, advanced workforce planning models and diagnostics, organisational culture diagnostics and corporate strategy development based on quantifiable evidence.   


4. Schottler Social Marketing and Communications

Our team offers high-end expertise in social marketing and communications strategies and communications concept development in health, social and community well-being fields. Using exploratory research and quantitative analytics (eg. segmentation analysis), we develop robust evidence-based strategies, which are able to yield change in attitudes, behaviours and perceptions in target segments and markets. We have particularly expertise in linking research insights into strategies and communications to change human attitudes and behaviours.

5. Schottler Experts

Schottler Consulting can supply expert contractors in a range of more complex or expert fields. This includes provision of experts in very complex fields such as advanced qualitative or quantitative research, population health, complex corporate strategy and diagnostics, statistics, change management and more scientific fields where technical subject matter experts are critical. Feel welcome to make contact to discuss your expert resourcing needs. Appointment of experts in even the most complex or most unique fields is our specialty.

The Schottler Difference

  • World-class skills in analytics and multivariate statistics
  • Business-oriented, practical approach
  • Measurement informed by science and psychometrics
  • A tailored, non-cookbook style approach
  • Collaborative and cooperative
  • Expertise across both Government and corporate sectors
  • Ability to achieve successful outcomes in complex projects with challenging deadlines
  • A robust project management approach which follows ISO9001 principles


If you have a project which is a little more complex than most, consider contacting Schottler Consulting. You will be surprised to see the difference.

Schottler Consulting is one of the very few consulting companies able to deliver insight from the most complex consulting assignments.

For this reason, Schottler Consulting operates at the high-complexity end of the research andstrategy consulting market.