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Schottler Consulting is a specialist provider of world-class social and market research services, strategy and analytics for public sector agencies and private sector companies.

Our specialty is achieving insight from complexity - no matter the topic.

We use scientific and scholarly approaches to yield robust and reliable social and market research insights and intelligence.


Discover our social and market research services.

Qualtative research (e.g., focus groups, interviews)



Focus groups, depth interviews, 

Intercepts, ethnographic research, focus group recruitment, literature

reviews, environment scans, customer experience, customer journey mapping

Quantitative reseach (e.g., CATI surveys, online surveys, face-to-face surveys)



CATI surveys, survey design, online surveys, data collection, methodology design, longitudinal/tracking studies, customer experience, customer journey mapping, measurement design, advanced statistical analysis 

Consulting and evaluation services

Consulting and

Program evaluation/review, policy analysis and review, contract review,

program logic, service design,

performance frameworks, customer experience strategy

We work with:


Government and public sector agencies

Non-government organisations

Companies in the corporate sector

Company difference

Schottler Consulting differentiates from a general social and  research company by applying a scientific approach to measuring preferences, attitudes and behaviours.

With post-graduate qualifications in psychology, we:

1. Use literature reviews to inform research/survey design

2. Design psychometrically valid and reliable surveys and measurement approaches

3. Use advanced analytical and statistical methods to distill complex information into groundbreaking insights

Operating since 2008, our team has a successful track record in designing and conducting a diverse range of complex social and market research studies across Australia and New Zealand. 

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Insight from complexity in
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