Social and market research projects

With post graduate training and high level expertise in psychology, measurement, statistical analysis, methodology design and complex sampling and data weighting, our company has undertaken a vast range of complex social and market research studies across Australia and New Zealand.

With a social conscience, we work with Government, NGOs and corporate agencies with products and services that do not harm communities and yield positive social, business or economic benefit.

Our team offers experience across virtually all industry and community sectors. This includes work for nearly all types of companies and public sector agencies including social and market research projects relating to:

  • Health, mental health and harm-minimisation

  • Transport, motoring and travel 

  • Community and social services and programs

  • Disabilities and vulnerable community segments

  • Children and families

  • Central agencies (e.g., Treasury Departments and Premier and Cabinet)

  • Indigenous communities (including metro, regional and remote)

  • Archives, libraries and related statutory authorities

  • Education, training, universities and the vocational sector

  • Business, economic and regional development

  • Recreation and sport

  • Housing and homelessness

  • Crime and domestic violence

  • Environment, natural resources and water

  • Employment and economic development

  • Policy, regulation, licensing and inspectorate activities (of a legislative nature).

We regularly participate in national and international research conferences in our fields of specialty to continually improve our knowledge and expertise. This also involves mentoring and training others in social and market research skill development. 

Clients are available to provide independent referee on our skills, expertise and ability to deliver innovative findings from projects undertaken.

Achieving key insights that set clear directions for strategy is our goal. We do this by designing and implementing innovative research methods and sampling designs in all projects.

To illustrate our skills across a diverse range of fields, a few examples of social and market research projects undertaken by our team are below.  

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