Qualitative social and market research services

Qualitative social and market research is both an art and a science. Our company takes a scientific approach to the design of focus group and depth interviews to ensure that they cover the most critical issues in line with project objectives. 

We design a conceptual framework to clearly identify the key measures and 'constructs' most important for qualitative exploration. Where relevant, this may involve conduct of a brief review of scholarly literature in the field. 

This ensures that qualitative social and market research design taps into available research evidence and builds new evidence and unique insights. 

Focus group in social and market research

Examples of qualitative social and market research services we offer include:


  • Design and conduct of qualitative focus groups

  • Design and conduct of depth interviews or cognitive interviews

  • Design and conduct of stakeholder or executive interviews

  • Expert reviews of qualitative research methodologies 

  • Environment scans and best practice reviews

  • Literature reviews (including systemic reviews and meta-analyses)

  • Policy, regulation and legislative research 

  • Product/service usability testing research

  • Human factors and cognitive research including web site testing

  • Way finding studies to design signage and infrastructure


  • Customer experience evaluation and marketing communication research

  • Recruitment and screening of focus group participants

Approaches and facilities

Qualitative research can be conducted via telephone, face-to-face, online or in professional focus group rooms, in line with project and client needs.


Available facilities include comfortable two-way mirror and video viewing rooms. This also includes facilities for laboratory and computer testing where needed. 


An example of the rooms available is below. 

Focus group rooms for social and market research

Focus group recruitment

Focus groups can be recruited from a diverse range of sources depending on project needs. This can include telephone recruitment at random from the community, intercepts or recruitment from a national focus group panel. 


Focus groups are clearly specified based on project needs and written and telephone follow-ups undertaken to maximise participant attendance. 


Qualitative social and market research methods

As a company, Schottler Consulting Pty Ltd uses a diverse range of specialised techniques to support qualitative social and market data research and analysis. This ranges from general thematic analysis of verbatims, to other more specialised qualitative techniques such as:

  • Ethnographic methodologies - With roots in cultural anthropology, this can involve observation and interaction with subjects in real-life environments to identify, measure and record experiences and behaviours.

  • Grounded theory research - This uses a mixture of methods potentially including interviews, focus groups and desktop methods to identify a theory to explain why something is happening or why a behaviour is occurring

  • NVIVO for qualitative analysis - Our company is licensed to use the world-leading NVIVO software package for qualitative analysis. This is excellent when analysing an extremely large number of qualitative interviews or focus groups. It allows identification of latent themes in qualitative data not readily discernible.


Desktop and literature reviews

Our company conducts scholarly reviews of peer reviewed literature and grey literature to identify critical insights to guide social and market research, strategy, policy or program design. This may include general literature reviews, systematic reviews or specialised meta-analytical reviews.


We maintain a data base subscription of leading peer reviewed journals that cover the major quality journals in health, psychology, sociology, behavioural science, human factors, transport, cognitive sciences, marketing, economics and business.

This ensures that all reviews are based on the latest research evidence.

Literaure reviews can be conducted as part of social and market research services.

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