Quantitative social and
market research services

Schottler Consulting offers leading expertise in the design, conduct and data collection of quantitative social and market research surveys using a diverse range of methodologies.

This includes design, conduct and analysis of many surveys, which traditionally may be undertaken by university researchers. 

Available skill sets allows our team to design and conduct everything from general quantitative surveys to more complex studies, with complex sampling approaches or complex data weighting requirements.

If you have a social or market research survey with a little more complex design, sampling or methodology, touch base with us to discuss your requirements.

Our team offers high-end expertise in:

  • CATI data collection and survey data - including dual frame (landline and
    mobile surveys)


  • Face-to-face and intercept survey design and data collection

  • Online survey design and data collection from online consumer panels

  • Design of both simple or more complex sampling approaches
    (depending on project needs)


  • Design of data weighting methodologies (including simple weightings such as age x gender x region) and more complex weighting that adjusts for the probability of respondent selection (or for dual frame sampling design)

Dual frame sampling and data weighting

Dual frame surveys involving both landline AND mobile sampling are now very common, as some respondents only have a mobile at home. 

However, many researchers do not realise that survey results won't be correct, unless the data weighting adjusts for the dual frame sampling.

This is because there is overlap in the sample frames. Indeed, as some respondents will own BOTH a mobile and a landline, while others will own ONLY a mobile, this needs to be accounted for in data weighting. 

Our team can offer leading expertise in data weighting to ensure that survey results are representative of targeted populations.

Analysis of ABS or other secondary data sets

Making sense of 'big data' is one of the most challenging issues for both the government sector and corporate sector. Our team has extensive experience in analysing big data sets to identify unique insights not readily discernible through general data analysis. We have successfully analysed data sets with millions of records.

CATI data collection in social and market research

With access to a national workforce of 300+ field workers, we can offer clients the ability to rapidly collect data through intercepts, face-to-face interviews and CATI telephone surveys on a national level.


We can undertake data collection using iPads or paper surveys in all states of Australia including in both metro and regional areas in:

  • Queensland

  • New South Wales 

  • Victoria

  • South Australia

  • Tasmania

  • Northern Territory

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Statistical and analytical expertise in social and market research

Our team has leading expertise in having an ability to REDUCE information through use of advanced multivariate statistical methods. These can often identify latent themes in data not readily discernible through general data analysis. The end benefit is simplification of complex information. 

Some examples of the statistical and analytical techniques we use include:

  • Market segmentation (e.g., in marketing communication research)

  • Decision trees 

  • Neural networks

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Discrete choice modelling

We also have the ability to set up complex sampling designs in research survey data to ensure that confidence intervals and standard errors where needed are corrected for the sampling approach. This ensures that survey findings are correct.

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